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This is what it looks like when you assist with your own dental work!

August, 2018

They're gonna ship us WHERE?!?!?

August, 2018

This big guy is so happy to be here that all he can do is grin! Great patient!

"Yes ma'am, we'd be most happy to schedule that appointment for you!"

May, 2018

What happens when you get on a ship? You have to deal with PIRATES!

Now that's PURE GOLD right there, folks! Thanks to Mr. Amos and Mrs. Aline for satisfying our sweet tooth in a BIG way!!

The little babies are blooming their hearts out. Gorgeous!

Egads, they're multiplying!

    Practicing TB Skills: "DC is honing his oral hygiene skills using our model and electric toothbrush."

    Spiderman & Friends: "Spiderman (aka Detreyl), DC, & Tytianna are all ready for their dental exam!"

We get a little wacky sometimes!         

    April, 2018

"Our patients bring us some pretty unique things. Thank you, David!"

"Doing whatever it takes. . ."

"Another satisfied patient!"

Welcome to our Pumpkin Patch!
October, 2017

"Who knew there were so many different WaterPics?!?!"
Jodi Mills, WaterPics Professional Educator, trained our staff on the unique features of the different models.

September, 2017

It's never too early to begin good dental hygiene!

August, 2017

Tamsi from Oral B conducted a Lunch and Learn session for our team.
Ask us about the new Oral B products.
They're pretty AWESOME!!!

July, 2017

LFD's energizer bunny is taking care of after hour job duties. Nothing
slows her down, not even a baby on her back!
Oh, the choices. . . 
June 2017

Sometimes you have to have six hands to do this job! Step into my parlor said the spider to the fly. . .
"I is so very sad. . . NOTHING can cheer me up. . . unless
that cupcake is for me!"
Jessica joins the team in the insurance dept.

May, 2017

"The masked duo rides again!"
March, 2017

Cutie Pie in Disguise Oral B is doing their part to help our office staff have beautiful smiles! Just gonna make myself at home in this really comfy chair.
Curbside service. . . She'll do anything for her patients! Mrs. Sybil gives the BEST hugs!

August, 2016

Dr. Barth gives Dr. Layne a thorough dental exam.

Mrs. RuffAnn removes Karmen's sugar bugs!

Mrs. Barbara resolving patient billing concerns.

Mrs. Diane & Ms. Christy discuss insurance issues.

CPR Training

Matt Williams instructs LFD staff on the basics of CPR and AED operation.
October, 2015

Dr. Barth, Tami, and Linda having fun with treasure chest prizes!


"Oh my gosh, there's some good stuff in here!!!"

Sticker Fun


"She had just settled down for a long winter's nap..."

"Look at all the stuff in here!"

"Yes, Virginia, the tooth fairy is very real!"


"Anthony & Jonathon build an impressive tower while they wait."

"Lilly is instructing Mrs. Tami in the finer points of oral hygiene."


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